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Our Shop

Rua Santo Adrião nº120,
4715 - 213 Braga

Tel. (351) 936791701


Working Hours

Monday - Saturday:

10:30 am - 8:00 pm


What kind of info do you need to send to make an appointment ?

Get in touch with us through here for us to have a better understanding of your idea, we suggest for you to tell us a detailed explanation of what you want (placement and size) with, if possible, some reference images.

If I am underage can I get a tattoo ?

In the eventuality of being underage you’ll have to have a permission from your parents or legal guardians whom will also have to fill an authorisation form to get tattooed.

How much will my tattoo cost ?

Good tattoos aren’t cheap, and you don’t want to be a cheapskate with your own body. Cover ups aren’t always possible and tattoo removal takes time to achieve the desired result.


Tell us your idea so we can give an estimate of how much time and investment you’ll need for your tattoo.

What’s the aftercare for my new tattoo ?

Two hours after you’ve done your tattoo you should take the film off and wash it with warm water and a non-scented or glycerine soap gently. After washing dry out gently and apply a thin layer of Tattoo Aftercare cream (Balm Tattoo) and spread until your skin absorbs it totally.


Some ink, blood or plasma oozing is normal on the first couple of days.


Be careful not to wash the tattoo with other products other than non-scented soaps or glycerine soap, also don’t let your shampoo on the tattoo.


Apply the Tattoo Aftercare 3 times a day during 15 days.


During this period (healing period) don’t get direct sun, sea water or pool water on your tattoo.


Also be careful with dusty environments and dirt in case you cannot cover your tattoo.

What should I take into account before getting tattooed ?

First of all, ask everything you want and settle any doubt you might have, remember...a tattoo is for life.


Check if everything is disposable (needles, gloves, grips, etc) it is the tattoo artist responsibility to show and explain the process of tattooing.


Analyse the artist works, and compare them with other artist you know (price/quality relation).

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