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8 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tattoo

Choosing a new tattoo can be an important and permanent decision. It's important to choose something that is meaningful to you and that makes you feel happy to display for the rest of your life. Here are 8 useful tips to help you choose your next tattoo:

Escolher uma tatuagem

1. Be yourself.

Think of a moment or thing that identifies you as a person, such as moments that marked your life, special people/animals, movies, music, heroes, athletes, life philosophies, among others...

2. Size and Location

Think about which part of your body you want to tattoo and what size you would like your new tattoo to be. If you want something small, think of simple elements, as the more detail and information the tattoo has, the larger it will have to be.

3. Don't follow trends.

Tattoos are permanent and trends are passing, so don't follow trends or fads.

4. Don't rush.

After choosing your idea, don't rush to get your tattoo without seeing the rest of the tips.

5. Tattoo Style.

It's important to know and research the different tattoo styles. Here are some examples: Realism - trash polka - colored realism - avant-garde - neo-traditional - traditional - tribal - Maori - Polynesian - sketch - dot work - lettering - fine line - watercolor - abstract - black work - mandalas - minimal...

6. Share your idea.

After you have your idea defined or almost defined, contact the tattoo studio and share your idea so they can help you clarify what you have in mind and present some examples of what you are looking for. Some of these studios are us, Exink;) click here to contact us and we will help you choose and make your perfect tattoo a reality.

7. A professional studio.

Make sure before getting tattooed that you are in a studio that will provide you with all the ideal information and conditions for your tattoo. If you don't want to waste time searching, you are in the right place... click here and talk to us ;)

8. Trust the tattoo artist.

Let the tattoo artist work your idea and you'll see that in the end the result will surpass what you had in mind.

Follow these tips to find the perfect tattoo and make it a lasting part of your personal story.

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